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Our business is helping you achieve your business objectives while minimizing legal risks and avoiding disputes and costly litigation.

We are a boutique law firm that works exclusively with successful business owners and entrepreneurs to address key business law matters, including contract negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and development, company structure, employee matters/policies, insurance coverage analysis/management, and facility policies. Our practice is client centered. We treat our clients as an extension of our firm, and ensure there is ongoing open dialogue for all parties. We practice a scaled approach, with lower hourly rates and efficient client incentives.

We have been compared to an outsourced general counsel in the way we represent clients. Our varied experience allows us to address all avenues of business representation. We will understand your business and industry. We will address your organizational/corporate structure and maximize tax benefits. We will handle any contract negotiations needed, including with customers, vendors, service providers, and employees. We will develop a comprehensive package of contracts and policies for facility access and services (MSAs, Indemnities, Access Agreements, etc.). Whether the client is ready to sell their business, buy another, or expand its current or into a new market, our members provide a resource to accomplish all goals with a fundamental understanding of the client’s business and goals. We will seek to minimize tax effects of all transactions. We will always keep an eye on balance sheet ramifications of a given act and help the client choose the best way forward.

Our litigation team provides the same level of services on litigation matters. We view our role as getting your case to the finish line by practicing the most strategic and effective use of law. We advise you of the potential legal risks and how those risks can be minimized, and make a recommendation about how to move forward. All manner of disputes are addressed including commercial disputes, tort/insurance defense, interacting with your insurer on a defense matter, and worker’s compensation defense. A negotiation today could always be litigation tomorrow. Litigation, by its nature, is difficult on a business and can drain operational focus. Our litigators will know and understand your business and larger goals. By the firm’s interaction between the business representation and the litigation representation, you can be assured that the larger picture is addressed. Your litigation will never be a stand-alone event subject to tunnel vision. For your business, litigation is a distraction that needs to be won and won efficiently. We will represent your litigation needs as part of your overall business and always seek an efficient, successful resolution to the dispute. If you’re looking for a group of experts to provide legal insight with business instinct in mind, schedule a consultation with one of our members.

In addition to these more traditional business legal matters, we also provide a unique resource for the client to outsource some of its finance matters. Robert Jackson serves as the Director of Finance for several of our clients, providing needed assistance in the areas of lender interaction, capital acquisition and procuring financing. We have found this niche is much appreciated by clients in a mode of growth which need to move on a given project or expansion quickly without being required to staff the necessary expertise in house. This area of the representation includes all aspects of an in house CFO office, and works hand in hand with the general business representation. We can interface with your lenders, auditors, bonding issuers, and customers. We provide analysis of your financials. We address your loan compliance and structuring for future borrowing capabilities and acquisitions.

The interaction of the above expertise is what makes Jackson & Jackson a unique firm providing exceptional service that is not being duplicated elsewhere. Our specialty in representing the entirety of a client’s needs allows us to handle any individual matter effectively. If you think you may need assistance and representation with any avenue of your business or achieving a personal goal, contact us today and let us put our unique perspective to work for you.

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