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At Jackson & Jackson PLLC, we provide exceptional legal representation and superior customer service to individuals and companies of all sizes in all industries. We focus on the core legal competencies which every business will need in order to be successful and grow. Whether you are acquiring a company, negotiating a complex transaction, developing real estate, or any other commercial activity, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business or personal needs. We represent clients from a wide spectrum of business and industries, working to facilitate and enhance their business model and personal goals. Our clients are able to focus on their core business with the peace of mind that their legal affairs are handled in a comprehensive manner with the larger business picture in mind. Our clients particularly appreciate our attention, and consulting, on their company’s finance matters, as every potential action is analyzed through the prism of tax, balance sheet, and business model effects. Our clients are involved in all types of industries. This deep experience with a diverse group brings value to our clients.

Representative Industries

While most clients’ business life is the core of the representation, personal goals cannot be ignored. For most us that is the ultimate point of it all. We assist individuals in achieving whatever these goals are with tax planning, estate planning, and addressing the legal complexities of modern life.

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