Commercial Collections:  Deadbeat commercial customer claiming to be broke dissolves LLC and becomes personally liable.  Jackson & Jackson obtains full recovery for client.


Jackson & Jackson was retained to collect long outstanding invoices from a distributor’s customer who enjoyed ordering and selling products, but had a consistent problem paying the distributor.

The customer was singing the “The L.L.C. is broke, we can’t pay and we are out of here” song. Jackson & Jackson quickly filed suit and obtained a default judgment against the debtor company.

Months after the default judgment, and several refrains of their song, Jackson & Jackson’s in depth claim investigation process uncovered the fact that the debtor customer had dissolved the subject L.L.C. pursuant to La. R.S. 12:1335.1, thereby imputing the remaining debts of the company to the members.

Jackson & Jackson filed against the individual members of the debtor LLC and filed for summary judgment. The members of the LLC suddenly sang a new song, “We will pay the bill with interest.” The matter was successfully resolved with a full commercial collection recovery for the client.

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