Property Owners Face Title Ownership Issues Due to Flooding

The 2016 floods caused much damage to the greater Baton Rouge area, including the parishes of Livingston​ and Ascension. Many commercial properties faced considerable damage alongside local homes, schools, and community structures.

Owners who are now trying to sell damaged properties may be unable to do so as a result of complications with their commercial titles. If an owner came into property ownership without a very clear-cut right to ownership, or if the company has been passed down through family members, he/she may now be experiencing difficulties transferring the needed titles or producing a legally-defined title at all.

The role of the commercial title is a crucial one, as many commercial real estate transactions can not be completed without it. As the title protects the owner from legal liability in many cases, it is imperative that property owners be aware of the status of their title ownership. If the owner does not have a title, that issue should also be addressed in order to prevent any repercussions, legal or otherwise.

Any property owners facing difficulties relating to their title ownership or transfer are encouraged to contact Kincaid Jackson of the Jackson & Jackson firm at (225) 283-3332.

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